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956 Bloor St. W. (Bloor/Ossington)
Toronto, Ontario, M6H 1L6

  Tula Class Schedule

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Friday April 18 9:30am Hot Hatha, 12:15pm Hot Pilates, 5:15pm Hot
Hatha Flow, 6:30pm Hot Power Flow *all other classes cancelled
Saturday April 19 9:30am Hot Hatha Flow, 11am Hot Hatha, 12:30pm Hot BodyTone, 4pm Hot Fusion, 5pm Hot Gentle Hatha
Sunday April 20 10:30am Hot Hatha, 12:30pm Pilates, 2:30pm Hot Fusion, 4pm Hot Hatha Flow *all other classes cancelled
Tula's services include Hot Hatha/Hot Power Flow yoga and Hot Pilates in the heated studio, and Hatha/Vinyasa Flow in the regular temperature studio. Tula is the perfect spa to visit for the full mind/body balance.
- 0ur Neighbourhood Magazine 2008

Tula West Promotions and Specials

    10 classes $150 Tax included (reg $175) $15 per class
    6 months $650 Tax included (reg $800)

    These offers are available until April 30, 2014
    Gift certificates are available.

What's New
  • April 2014 Class Updates:
    • The following classes have been CANCELLED as of April 2014:
      Monday 7:30pm Ballet Barre Sculpt Studio B
      Wednesday 7:30pm Vinyasa Flow Studio B
      Saturday 1:30pm Vinyasa Flow Studio B
    • NEW CLASS!
      Hot Hatha every Thursday night at 8:30pm (60 min) with Charlene
      * Please note that Max Meditation has moved to from 8:30pm to 8:00pm on Monday
    • Instructor Updates
      Margarita is teaching the 2pm Hot Hatha Flow on Thursday
      Faye is teaching the 6pm Hot Pilates and 7pm Pilates on Thursday evening
      Jacky is teaching the 10:30am Hot Hatha on Sunday
  • Self Defence and Physical Conditioning
    Every Sunday at 7:00pm (60 min)

    High energy work-out and self defence training. Learn mixed martial arts for defence and physical conditioning. Hone your kicking and punching skills. Incorporates strength and agility training, sit ups, push ups, skip rope and more.

    For women, men and children
    All are welcome!

    Drop-in cost
    $12 + tax
    4 classes
    $50 + tax
    (5 wwks expiry)
    5 classes
    $60 + tax
    (6 wks expiry)

    "The skills I've learned in these self-defence classes allow me to feel capable of putting up a fight. Alfie Della-Terza's patience and knowledge ensure that fight has strength."

    Please email to register.


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Front Desk booking hours:
Mon. - 11am to 7pm
Tues. to Fri. - 11am to 8pm
Sat. 10am to 6pm
Sun. 11am to 6pm

Spa Service hours:
Mon. - by appointment only
Tues. to Fri. - 11am to 8pm
Sat. 10am to 6pm
Sun. by appointment only

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We have lunch classes that are 45 and 50 min long. It's so easy! Come in, stretch and tone, break up your work day. Refresh your day with a lunch class.
Our Hot Yoga & Hot Pilates classes are between 35-40 degrees, we do not go higher than this. Above 40 is EXTREME heat and we do not advocate this for health reasons.

If you haven't been to TULA West and are planning on trying any of our classes; You may click here and print our online waiver form for your convenience. Please print and bring upon visiting.


In the hot classes we highly recommend using a towel on your mat to prevent slipping and maintain hygiene. If you are using a Tula mat rental please be aware that a towel is now MANDATORY.
Thank you!

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“...instruction is patient, directive and helpful. Always presenting the full range of possibilities for each movement, for the beginner to the accomplished practitioner.”

W.G. McLaughlin, M.A.
Independent Researcher

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